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Allan & Bess, Sunbird Road

Times flies quickly and I can still remember the day when Jazz and Anita from Water Concepts & Consultancy came over to my house. They listened patiently to my requirements for the fish pond and carefully surveyed the landscape to see if it suits my garden. Instead of just giving me a quote offhand, these guy went back and wrote me a 7 pages or more write-up on the koi pond. What kind of biological filter (Bio-filter) system, koi pond filter media material, fiberglass lamination coatings, number of layers and why, fish pond size and drawings etc! Other koi pond "specialists" builders' quotes I received were like 2 lines or a sms telling me the $$$ only. After sending me the fish pond plan, they came over to my house and explained the whole thing to me. Being a complete idiot in koi pond design and fish pond filter system, that was indeed what I needed. They were very nice and patient in explaining everything to me despite the fact I told them I got few koi pond quotes and yet to decide on who to engage. I discussed with my wife and we concluded that people at Water Concepts knows what they are doing. They are experts in koi pond design & compartmentalised bio-filter system and based on the 7 pages quote versus 1 liner, we know immediately who to engage. You can feel the passion coming out from Water Concepts especially Jazz. It was so contagious and caught on to me and my not-so-keen wife at once! Transforming my wife from a “what is the koi/carp/arowana” person to someone who just named our babies! She even know all the breed names in Japanese better than me. I will come back to the kois later.

Next thing you know, Water Concepts’s team was working non-stop in constructing my koi pond from bricks, concrete, cement, fiberglass, etc. Water Concepts worked really non stop from dawn till dusk 7 days a week under hot sun. I really got to take my hat off the boys from WCCPL! When the fish pond is like ¾ done, it is time to get the kois! The only thing I know about koi is admiring them, feeding them and playing with them! Nothing else! 😛 Really nothing else…. I just love kois but never had a chance to own them till now. On a hot Sunday afternoon, Jazz and Anita offered to accompany us to the koi farm and helped me with the koi selection! That was really touching and we were so appreciative of that. Being a total idiot in this area, we do not know at all what breed or what to look out for! But we got Jazz and Anita from Water Concepts & Consultancy! Haha… Just 9 kois, we spent like the entire hot afternoon from 12 noon till like 5+ pm in the koi farm slowly choosing the kois. Water Concepts started to explain to me the different breeds and character of them all. I told Water Concepts my budget is only this much and they said don’t worry, we will find some nice one if we spend more time searching. True enough, we managed to get 9 babies that me and my wife love so much! We named all 8 of them except the Kohaku. (Don’t know why… Still thinking.. 🙂

Now the time is coming for the koi pond commissioning! House renovation works almost done and if all goes well, next week our 9 babies will be coming to their new home and forming a new family with us! We can’t wait to see them! Nothing can express our gratitude for the guys from Water Concepts & Consultancy Pte Ltd. Without you guys, all these are impossible. Thank you very much Water Concepts!