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Madam Siti Kasman, Bukit Timah

My family and I have always enjoyed our koi pond since we had the first one built around 16 years ago.

Recently, we thought it was time for a change in the design of the current koi pond and ended up with 2 quotes; one of them being Water Concepts and Consultancy Pte Ltd.

Our only condition was - we wanted to have kois and goldfish, a modern pond design and no rock-fall (we had a walled rock-fall before but realised that we did not utilise it often and the kois would stay at the bottom of the pond whenever the waterfall was switched on).

Jazz and Anita were very patient and friendly; and did not even mind coming to our house after office hours to explain to us about the design and concept. They were very helpful with answering all our questions and I dare say we learned more in those sit down talks than we ever did with our previous koi pond construction & maintenance people. In the end, it was a no-brainer that we engaged Water Concepts & Consultancy Pte Ltd to hack away the current pond and rebuild it with the new modern-looking one which you can see in their website "Gallery/News Page".

When the pond was finally completed, we were eager to fill it with beautiul kois. Jazz and Anita offered to follow us to a koi farm where not only did they share with us priceless information such as what to look out for when choosing kois, they even helped us to get a very good price for the 9 kois altogether. We appreciated the fact that they were willing to spend a few hours of their precious Saturday to help us choose what we thought were really beautiful kois.

If we had ever thought that Water Concepts were being nice and friendly just so they can get our business and forget about us after the pond was built, we were dead wrong. Their after-sales service are excellent; Jazz taught me the feeding regime for the kois from the first day they were released into my pond and how a new pond water are crucial for the koi's development moving ahead. Jazz and Anita would follow up with text messages to ask about the kois and if we were happy with the end result. Anytime we had any questions, the replies are swift and clear; their services are excellent and when we needed their help, Jazz or any of his staff will come down as soon as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jazz, Anita and their staff for a job well done, superb workmanship and excellent after-sales service. We now spend our mornings and evenings admiring the the beautiful kois and gold-fishes swimming happily along in their new home with superb clarity.