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Mr Chris Lim (Seletar Hills Drive) – Integrated Koi Pond Constructed in August 2011

Water Concepts & Consultancy Pte Ltd (WCCPL) is the builder of my Koi pond and I am thankful as my koi are growing healthily which mean the overall koi pond design pertaining to pond flow & ventilation, koi pond's dissolved oxygen supply, fish pond's depth and all cater well for the koi.

However, a most recent experience convinced me even more that Water Concepts & Consultancy is indeed the right party for all koi lovers to work with.

One of my koi was recently diagnosed by me to be pregnant as her stomach was really growing. However, as the weeks pass by, I am rather perplexed that the bulge seems very lop-sided. Upon checking with Jazz, I was given very comprehensive information and steps to take care of the fish should it be pregnant and on top of that a caution that the fish may be developing cancer, if it is not pregnant. And Jazz personally attended and viewed the fish on his own accord on the very next day and his diagnosis was spot on as the fish was indeed suffering from cancer. But that wasn’t to end just there, as Jazz had subsequently gone out of his way to contact the reputable koi farm in Singapore to take back the fish, isolate it and try to cure it. The fish ultimately died over the next two days, but the humane treatment given to the fish and the thoughts and aftercare provided was really impressive. I am convinced that our co-operation was not a purely commercial one, Water Concepts shows enough to convince me that they do care for the fish (koi) and is prepared to go all the way to take care of details of which they are not obligated to, which I am sure is unlikely to be matched by any other water feature competitors or any koi pond "specialist" in Singapore. The fact remains, I was not charged for anything!


(Testimonial submitted on Oct 2012)