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Mr James Tham (Bridport Avenue) – Integrated (Fish Pond) Koi Pond Compartmentalised Bio-Filter System Constructed on April 2012

The previous owner of my house had a beautifully landscaped water feature pond with cascading waterfall and a small fish pond with some koi fishes. There were several problems however.
1. The koi pond's waterfall was in direct sunlight and within days very thick algae will grow and cover it, making it look dirty and very difficult to manage. As a result of the algae growth the fish pond water also no longer cascades like before. Every few days, we will need to clean the koi pond's waterfall of algae, but it is very difficult to keep up. As we clean we also had to take care not to drop too much algae into the main pond, as algae can choke the fishes and kill the koi.

2. The main fish pond was also too shallow. When the koi pond water is not deep enough, fishes will not do well in a hot climate as the water temperature will be too warm.

3. The koi pond's bio-filter mechanism was also not coping well with the livestock. The main koi pond was starting to fill up with thick white foams - result of the failing koi pond's filter system.

With these problems, the beautifully landscaped water feature pond (koi pond) quickly became a disappointment and a maintenance nightmare!

If you think at this point that I was very knowledgeable about koi ponds and fish pond maintenance, then the answer is no. I was just a regular homeowner with a koi pond and several problems, and don't know what to do about them. I could explain these problems with aplomb simply thanks to WATER CONCEPTS & CONSULTANCY PTE LTD.

As expected, I started talking to different koi pond "specialists" and landscape companies and few, after hearing my problems, were willing to even see me as to them, revamping a koi pond is just difficult to do, and probably not particularly profitable - I told them I want to minimize cost of reconstruction of the koi pond.

Although I had to reconstruct the pond and landscaping, Jazz and Anita took pains to explain to me what the problems are and what should be done about them. They willingly and passionately shared their bio-filter system knowledge on the subject, and to them, doing the deal was half the story, the other half was to make sure I have an effective koi pond complete with water feature and a koi pond I will be proud of and upkeep easily for many years to come. Seriously, all I wanted to do was to look at the fishes (koi) and enjoy the water feature! And the water clarity is amazingly accommodating. I AM PROUD!!

I think what is worth praising is Water Concepts and I became fast friends and many months post completing the revamp they still respond promptly when I have questions. NO, not questions about overgrowth of algae but how to grow the fishes!