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Mr & Mrs Wong, Jalan Hajijah

We had been keeping koi for a few years but our koi pond was not ideally constructed. We kept having intermittent problems with the fish pond, and the koi pond was often plagued by algae, green water and sick koi. We had nobody to turn to for help. So we had to DIY ourselves.  Sometimes it worked, but most times, it didn’t...

Hence, when we decided to overhaul and expand our fish pond, we thought it is best to look for another koi pond contractor. We desperately needed someone who could help us manage our koi pond better, someone who really understood fish pond water and fish (koi).

It was not easy. There were so many attractive adverts with beautiful looking koi ponds.   We contacted a few koi pond builders/ contractors, Water Concepts being one of them. We initially had little information on Water Concepts, having just spotted their koi pond advert in a brochure. However, after speaking to Jazz and Anita, our comfort level grew. They came across as highly knowledgeable in koi pond & water features, and being koi hobbyists themselves, we strongly believed that they could help us build our dream koi pond.

And they did ! Our decision to appoint them has since proven to be a joy! Not only did Water Concepts has excellent fish pond & water feature design ideas, they also provided superb workmanship. Both Jazz and Anita were also constantly monitoring the progress of the koi pond construction personally, and even provided constructive ideas on garden landscaping to further enhance the overall feel of our new water feature koi pond. They even accompanied us on a weekend to the koi farm to help us select a new family of koi.

The end result is that we have a new and beautiful koi pond, one which we are very proud of. In fact, many passing neighbours now stop by our gate to peep into our new garden water feature pond, especially for its stunning night view.

While the aesthetics are usually important, for us, being able to ensure that the fishes (koi) are healthy is even more important. We were really impressed when on completion of the koi pond, we were actually given a little “tutorial” on how to maintain the fish pond properly as well as how to manage the upkeep of the fish. Our past experiences had always been fish pond contractors holding on to their industry “secrets” and here, Water Concepts was actually teaching us what to do! Their in-depth koi pond knowledge and willingness to share their expertise is really priceless.

We would strongly recommend Water Concepts & Consultancy to anyone looking to build a koi pond or water feature and anyone who would like to enjoy an enriching koi keeping experience.