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Courtyard Grand Revamp Fish Pond (Koi Pond) & Water Feature Display

Water Concepts Demonstrates All-Round Strength Of Its Fish Pond (Koi Pond) & Outdoor Garden Revamp Expertise to Secure Entire Courtyard Revamp in the East.

A)  Revamp & implementation of an integrated fish pond (koi pond) with effective biological filter setup;

B) Water feature implementation;

C) Grotto;

D) Supply & install luxury timber decking &

E) Ambient lighting for the entire courtyard chill-out area.

fish_pond_&_koi_pond_revamp_garden_timber_decking_water_fountain_project_singapore (1)

fish_pond_&_koi_pond_revamp_garden_timber_decking_water_fountain_project_singapore (3)

fish_pond_&_koi_pond_revamp_garden_timber_decking_water_fountain_project_singapore (2)

fish_pond_&_koi_pond_revamp_garden_timber_decking_water_fountain_project_singapore (4)

Every Fish Pond (koi pond) In Every Household Is Constructed Differently; Dedication on Waste Management Imparted By Others Directly Affects The Long Term Health Of Every Fish (not just koi only) In Your Fish Pond.

[Ie. Immunity Of Koi Depend On How Good Water Quality (not clarity) You Had Been Providing Them].

After all, our owners Mr & Mrs Stephen Ho, like other serious koi hobbyists, believe that it Is all For The Betterment Of The Living Precious - KOI.

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