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WCCPL Enters Mid-Year On High Note

a) Lentor Drive (Integrated Koi Pond Construction) - WCCPL Teams Up With Renowned Main Contractor To Design, Construct & Commission An Outdoor Integrated Koi Pond. (Actual Site - In Progress)



b) Da Silva Lane (Leaking Concrete Koi Pond)  - Word of Mouth Referrals are WCCPL's Driving Forces to Excel & Ensuring Constant Improvement.

"Your guys really done a good work. First Class finished with a budget sum. Excellent! Provide good service level with goodwill of helping to remove water from pond." - Regards, Albert Goh

Koi Pond Repair - Sustainable waterproofing in a fish pond is utmost important not just to serve its primary purpose but also to ensure fish pond water will not be subjected to Alkalosis condition in bare concrete/cement ponds. (Click here to read more about Alkalosis).



c) Jalan Waringin (Delivery of Integrated Koi Pond Construction) - Koi Hobbyist Takes Proud Delivery Of 11 Ton Integrated Koi Pond In Preparation For The Arrival of Jumbos.