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You may have a koi pond that is literally driving you up the wall and you are now considering giving up totally on your hobby. The koi pond water in your pond is always green, cloudy and/or murky with your precious kois keep falling sick. Your koi pond is badly designed/constructed with countless construction defects. And the list goes on and on...

Imagine this scenario: Kois swimming gracefully in crystal clear water. Your koi pond pond is beautifully landscaped, cool in the day and warmly lit at night. Maintaining the koi pond is easy and fuss-free. No mess, no stress. You cannot take your eyes off the kois and you feel so relaxed just by sitting and admiring your koi pond. This need not be wishful thinking, with Water Concepts and Consultancy by your side.

WCCPL will breathe new life into your koi hobby. With us by your side, you can rediscover the joys of koi-rearing and minimise the chores of maintaining your koi ponds.

Unlike most koi pond builders, who fail to recognise that a good pond design and filter system are vital in koi-keeping, we at Water Concepts and Consultancy know what is best for your Koi. The key to keeping your kois healthy and beautiful is ensuring good quality water in your koi pond. We specialise in the design and construction of koi ponds with effective biological filter systems that ensure both water quality and clarity that will in turn take care of your kois..

There is an increasingly trend of “bringing the Outside in” and “creating an Outdoor Room”. Koi ponds and water features are now not only confined to the outdoors, just as furniture and lights are no longer only used for indoors. Our koi pond & water feature designs are a fusion of all the necessary ingredients to create that beautiful, serene abode, that you can proudly call your home.

“I don't think anybody has built more koi ponds than we have - at least not in our definition of quality without compromising both water science and the technical aspects of an effective koi pond biological filter system. WCCPL constructs and accompany our pond-owners throughout their lifetime koi-keeping hobby, and this is our promise to you"


- Mr Jazz Liew, Founder of Water Concepts & Consultancy Pte Ltd

To effectively and efficiently manage our clients’ needs by offering the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost containment.

To design and construct integrated koi ponds and water features not duplicated from past projects, ensuring uniqueness in every project we deliver.

To educate owners on koi-keeping and ensuring superb water clarity and quality so that owners themselves would be able to minimize illnesses in the long run to their prized, sentimental kois.

To be the leader in bringing our customers innovative products, services and solutions that add value and exceed their expectations in terms of uniqueness, clarity, quality and after-sales service.