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WCCPL enters nation’s 47th birthday on high note; Water Concepts delivers unique integrated koi pond and raise premium standard of outdoor living complimented with strategic ambient lighting (Light Emitting Diode) @ Jalan Hajijah.

Singapore, July 2012. “WCCPL’s integrated koi ponds are the epitome of luxury, style and elegance, definitely a good potential investment of home-owners (since the outdoor living is most impressive day & night) and koi will appreciate its water clarity & water […]

WCCPL delivers koi pond @ Cowdray Avenue, another well poised modern koi pond constructed.

Singapore, June 2012. Proud owners take delivery of superb clarity koi pond with premium teak decking furnishing cantilevered above the koi pond – more space for the kois and at the same time achieving sufficient walking area for the family as well as […]