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Outdoor Revamp

Having an aesthetically pleasing water feature & landscape design or roof garden with lush natural surroundings will not only make you the envy of your neighbours, but also creates a relaxation personal space for you. This can be achieved by using trees and plants, which serve as privacy shields as well. They provide a natural block in lines of sight, instead of the usual mundane concrete walls, you are surrounded with green, lush foliage.

Making it a more peaceful, pleasant and calming environment as you step outside.

There are several ways to achieve this; one way is to do a “soft” approach to flooring by using Timber decking. This is for areas that you want to keep neat yet do not want to use floor tiles on. It is also an excellent way to detail the area adjoining the interior with the outside.

Another way is the use of lighting. Lighting is no longer merely functional; it is now a tool to improve your experience with the outdoors, and also an instrument to dramatically enhance the appearance of your garden and home. All you need is a well-planned and creative lighting scheme, which will instantly increase the coziness of your home or balcony.

The use of plants is a good way to cool down the surroundings, decreasing the need for expensive air-conditioning. The colour, texture, and smells of different types of plants also invigorate your senses in different ways.

Creating a serene space outdoor not only gives you peace of mind but will provide a major increase in your property value as well. We specialise in penthouse, balcony, roof garden and any form of outdoor design. Contact us for more information.