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Professional Koi Ponds

We design and construct koi ponds according to your desired size and requirements. We keep in mind aesthetics as well as a proper, professional filter-system so that your pond and your kois stay beautiful and healthy, for your enjoyment in years to come.

If you wish to build a koi pond or water feature in your new home (A&A or reconstruction), we not only can design and build, but also provide consultancy services to make sure it's built well, right from the start.

We provide the following koi-related services:

    • Design & construction of koi ponds
    • Koi pond consultancy services
    • Modifications of badly-designed koi ponds
    • Design & planning of effective filter chambers
    • Supply & replacement of disintegrated filter media, pond pumps etc
    • Fabrication of fibreglass tanks
    • Koi pond maintenance program
    • Koi medication by competent staff
    • Koi quarantine provision and services

"I realise that many pond owners are at a loss when their fish or ponds are having problems and some even go on to dose medication or salt without knowing the actual problem the ponds are facing. Others may also have been recommended by retailers to dose medication purely by concluding owners' summary of their problems, which sometimes prove to be too brief to come to an accurate conclusion.

Most new pond owners will usually opt for a "zero-maintenance" koi pond as claimed by some builders. But after months of feeding with zero or once-a-year maintenance, poor water quality and clarity starts to be evident despite the owners' greatest emergency effort to perform water change or back flushing. However, despite all these time consuming effort, water discolouration (brown/tea colour/green tinge), white foamy bubbles on surface, thick algae growth on water features etc still exist.

That's when they realise, a koi pond isn't just about construction works and it is a myth when others tell you a good effective koi pond only requires yearly or half-yearly maintenance. A koi pond is about Water Science and koi-keeping knowledge, flow efficiency of the pipings and pumps, good husbandry and maintenance. Our pond owners will be able to effectively carry out filter maintenance in the easiest possible way with great sustainability, be it premium or economical kois you are keeping.

In the past, I have heard many of these statements ‘I only want to keep cheap kois’ but the price of the kois should not be the deciding factor on how much you want to invest in your koi pond and its system, but rather how EFFECTIVE you want your filter system to be in order to achieve superb water clarity. To my surprise now, I rarely hear such comments anymore as more people are more knowledgeable and passionate about koi-keeping.”

- Mr Jazz Liew, Founder of Water Concepts & Consultancy Pte Ltd


Do you encounter the following situations within 6 months of your newly-constructed koi pond?

    • Tried engaging many contractors that claim to be “professional” but still unable to solve your pond problems? (and even losing a fortune along the way!)
    • Need proper advice on fish keeping & management (instead of “guessing”) but not sure who to look for?
    • Buying and dosing expensive chemicals sold in local aquariums in your koi pond and water issues still return weeks later?
    • Unable to conduct proper filter maintenance after construction has been completed?
    • Skeptical of whether your current contractor is telling you the truth as you are a novice in fish-keeping and unsure of what to ask in order to verify his professionalism?
    • Koi health issues and management?
    • Water discolouration and cloudiness.

Give us a call, and let your past frustrations give way to a lifetime of enjoyment for both yourself and the kois you have painstakingly chosen for your pond.

 Koi-keeping should be a pleasurable experience for you and the kois.